• Senior Creditors' Rights Attorney

    Confidential CompanyBoca Raton, FL 33433

    Salary: $100,000+

    Minimum Education: Post Graduate Degree

    Job #369424537

  • We represent banks and major financial institutions of defaulted contracts, loan agreements, and unsecured debt matters.  We are actively seeking a seasoned Associate with specific experience in Creditors Rights.  Candidates MUST have specific experience representing creditors in Florida and have a strong understanding of the current regulatory climate including FDCPA, CFPB rules & regulations, Florida Statute regarding debt collections, and strong knowledge of original creditor and debt-buyer experience.  Send resume as soon as possible for confidential interview.

    Company Description:

    Our firm is committed to ensuring our clients recover the maximum amount of defaulted debt obligations. We work diligently from placement to post-judgment execution in order to maximize recovery rates for our clients.  We are a law firm that specializes in all areas of collection law and practices throughout the state of Florida. We are a full service collection firm that employs a full scale, multi-pronged approach to asset recovery.


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